What to Do with Kids on a Cruise

Michael Harper North Palm beach What to do with Kids on a CruiseCruises are a fun time for the whole family. Getting away from the day-to-day routines of life and sailing away into the great blue unknown presents adventure, relaxation, and quality interaction with the fam. For little ones, though, you may have to get creative to keep up their attention and make sure they’re having just as much fun as the grown ups. Here’s some tips on how to make that happen.


Do lots of research on the front end. You for sure don’t want to be blind-sided with what the ship does and doesn’t offer, so make sure you have an idea going in about what activities there will and won’t be, what you need to bring vs what’s provided, and where your ship will be docking. That way, you can plan ahead a little and anticipate what you should have on hand on any given day. You can also properly prepare your children for what they can expect.


Bring lots of extra clothes and undies: With all the activities, sunshine, swimming, and sweating, your kids may change clothes and underwear more frequently than normal, so ensure that you’ve got enough supplies for the extra wardrobe changes.


Pack a well-stocked first aid kit. Little ones are already prone to bumps, bruises, and booboos, so make sure that you’ve got plenty of supplies so you lose as little time as possible to tears. You’ll also want to have some medication for motion sickness, tummy aches, and ear infections. Prevention is the best course of action, of course, so bring lots of hand sanitizer and baby wipes to keep your hands and face clean at all times!


Dance it up! You probably spend most of your time in public with your children ensuring that they behave properly and keep their infinite energy as subdued as possible. However, as long as you’re on vacation, let it out! Cruise ships often have live bands, karaoke, and entire ballrooms for the sole purpose of encouraging people to dance.


Squeeze in some education where you can. Depending on where you dock, you may be able to find a few historical plaques, museums, or buildings to learn about the nation you’re visiting. It doesn’t have to be in-depth or terribly academic, but as long as you’re there, you may as well embrace the whole cultural experience, including the history of the indigenous people or praised war heroes.


Your little ones will love cruising and cherish the memories forever. Just make sure you do all the leg work and behind-the-scenes preparation to ward off anything that could derail your trip.