Summer 2018 Beach Reads

The beach is a beloved destination for many people during the summer. The white blanket of sand, the sound of the crashing waves, light breeze, and song of seagulls make it the perfect place to relax. The beach is also the perfect place to read an entertaining book. While Shakespeare was perfect for the classroom, many people would not find him suitable for summer vacation. Choosing an easy, interesting book is key when choosing a beach read for the summer of 2018.


Brilliant Books for the Breezy Beach


Ohio by Stephen Markley

Ten years after they graduate, four young adults return to their hometown and resume the relationships that they had as high schoolers. Their trip back to their hometown and reconnection with their old friends makes them reflect on their difficult adolescent years, which took place during the recession of the early aughts.


The Dependents by Katherine Dion

After the death of Maida, his wife of 50 years, Gene’s distant adult daughter returns home. The return of his daughter brings up painful, old memories of his family life. Gene is forced to confront his own version of events that happened over the years. The essential question is the story is, “How well do you really know your partner?”


The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela, Edited by Sahm Venter

Nelson Mandela was a South African political leader who was known for his philanthropy and desire for world peace. At one point, he was incarcerated for his beliefs. The letters that he wrote during his incarceration are now available for the world to read in the book The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela, which was edited for Sahm Venter. This book is the perfect beach-read for a history buff or true story fanatic.


Number One Chinese Restaurant by Lillian Li

A dysfunctional restaurant staff of a Chinese restaurant is forced to work together to make the business a success. When the decreased proprietor’s sons get into a conflict and some of the staff members get intimate, the future of the restaurant is put into peril. The question is will the staff be able to overcome their conflicts and difficulties to make take the business a success.