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Systems of Additiction Michael Harper North Palm Beach

System of Addiction—How Healthcare Has Contributed To The Opioid Crisis

When it comes to the opioid crisis, there are a lot of misconceptions about how individuals get addicted. Many imagine drugs being traded on the streets, but the truth is, many victims end up in bad positions due to other medical treatments.   The United States healthcare system has inadvertently caused increases in opioid use while also not providing the… Read more →

Summer 2018 Beach Reads Michael Harper North Palm Beach

Summer 2018 Beach Reads

The beach is a beloved destination for many people during the summer. The white blanket of sand, the sound of the crashing waves, light breeze, and song of seagulls make it the perfect place to relax. The beach is also the perfect place to read an entertaining book. While Shakespeare was perfect for the classroom, many people would not find… Read more →

A Look Inside Florida's Sinkholes - Michael Harper North Palm Beach

A Look Inside Florida’s Sinkholes

Imagine being a resident of The Villages in Florida, the world’s largest retirement community, where you expected to happily live out the balance of your life but now have to face the ever-growing threat of Florida sinkholes possibly swallowing your home. It has already happened a multitude of times to some of the residents and businesses there and even caused… Read more →

Florida Open Carry Laws Michael Harper North Palm Beach

Florida Open Carry Laws

Recently, the Supreme Court of the US declined to hear a case originating in Florida related to open carry laws and their constitutionality. By choosing not to take the case, SCOTUS effectively let stand a Florida Supreme Court decision that the ban on the open carry of firearms is, indeed, fully constitutional and does not violate the second amendment’s protection… Read more →